Strangeways Riot: 25 Days of Mayhem

Thursday 17th March 2022 at 9PM, on Channel 5
Documentary re-telling the story of the UK's worst prison riot.

In April 1990, inmates seized control of Strangeways prison in Manchester, a siege which would last for 25 days.

The riot erupted as a protest against inhumane conditions inside Strangeways, but the consequences rippled across the prison system and are still with us 30 years later
Executive Producer: Oliver Wright
Director: Kim Lomax
Producer: Laura Matless
Producer: Bridie Riley
Producer: Alice Skidmore
Junior Production Manager: Temi Adefuye
Production Manager: Rebecca Christensen
Edit Producer: Mark Williams
Editor: Nick Cortes
Editor: Tracy Joss
Archive Producer: Kate Norton
Narrator: Colin Tierney