When Travel Plans Go Wrong

This new feature length doc looks at travel nightmares affecting three key areas of British life in recent years: Planes – looking at some of the biggest air-based nightmares across the UK and beyond; Trains – exploring rail rage and the most extreme rail delays; and Automobiles – the stories of epic traffic and road-based problems.

Filled with powerful personal testimony, captivating UGC and compelling archive, the documentary will look at the headaches that befell beleaguered Brits over the last year, as well as some of most memorable transport nightmares of all time – from the Ash Cloud that kept flights grounded across the globe in 2010, the Big Freeze in 2009 that ruined Christmas for millions, and a countdown of the worst ever traffic jams (which now cost UK residents a jaw-dropping £9 BILLION a year).
Executive Producer: Jeff Anderson
Producer / Director: Garfield Carrot
Production Manager: Paul Allen