Trevor McDonald’s Indian Train Adventure

Sunday 23rd June 2019 for two weeks on ITV
VIS-UK's first ever external commission.

In the late 1980s Sir Trevor McDonald made several trips to India as a foreign correspondent - at that time the sub-continent was a third world country, relatively insignificant on the world stage; Trevor was struck by the extraordinary nature of this vast country – the poverty, the colour, the decaying architecture, the complex caste system. It was a trip he would never forget.

Now thirty years on, and on the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, he returns to a country that has gone through a radical transformation. It is now one of the fastest growing countries on the planet, and one of the world’s future super powers.

To make this trip Trevor will travel from Mumbai to Delhi on board The Maharajas’ Express, officially the world’s most luxurious train. At almost half-a-mile long, the Maharajas’ Express isn’t just a train, it’s a “palace on wheels” that redefines luxury and recreates the lifestyle of the Raj era.

On this thousand-mile journey, Sir Trevor will encounter a wealth of different people and will uncover both the ‘upstairs’ and the ‘downstairs’ of the train - it’s staffed by the poorest in society and enjoyed by the richest. As such it is a perfect lens through which to view modern India.
Executive Producer: Jeff Anderson
Executive Producer: Ed Taylor
Series Producer: Jon Holdsworth
Production Manager: Erin Allen