Secrets of McDonalds: 50 Years of the Big Mac

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Ploughing similar territory to Michael Keaton’s The Founder, Viacom’s Channel 5 is to tell the history of McDonald’s in a one-off special.

Channel 5 has commissioned McDonalds: The Billion Dollar Burger, telling the story of how the original McDonald brothers Richard and Maurice set up a drive-in hamburger restaurant near Pasadena, California in 1940.

By 1948, they realized the restaurant would be more profitable if they increased efficiency by streamlining the menu and preparing food ahead of busy moments including using lamps to keep the fries warm.

Unlike The Founder, which was distributed by The Weinstein Company and made $24M worldwide and showed Keaton’s Ray Kroc giving the pair the idea to franchise McDonalds, in truth they had already franchised a number of restaurants before they met the milkshake salesman. Kroc rolled out the burger chain in the U.S. and later the world, before buying the pair out and subsequently ending up in a number of disagreements.

By 1958, McDonald’s sold its 100 millionth hamburger, sold its first filet-o-fish in 1965, added the Big Mac in 1968, started selling Chicken McNuggets in 1983 before Kroc’s death in 1984.

McDonald’s claims that it sells around 75 hamburgers a second and has around 11% of the global fast food industry.
Executive Producer: Oliver Wright
Producer / Director: Matthew Nicholson
Production Manager: Laura Porutyte
Researcher: Emerald Coulthard