The Lie: Murder in Suburbia

Starts Wednesday 15th December, 2021 at 9PM
The dramatic twists and turns of the investigation into Rachel O'Reilly's murder in 2004, and the devastating impact it had on her loved ones, featuring testimony from those who were closest to the case.

The opening episode looks closely at the start of the investigation and how, as it progressed, Rachel's husband Joe become the focus of the police's investigation.

In Part Two, the case involving the murder of Rachel O'Reilly examines how her coffin was exhumed, and the cryptic letter her husband Joe had written to her.

There was another breakthrough when groundbreaking technological evidence threw Joe's alibi into doubt - and after more than two years of painstaking detective work, they finally had enough to charge him
Executive Producer: Richard Woolfe
Executive Producer: Oliver Wright
Producer / Director: Laura Thomson
Production Manager: Bryony Smith
Shooting Producer: Katie Reisz
Edit Producer: Jane Cameron
Editors: Alan Harris / Nick Searle
Editors: Steve Teers / David Hines
Archive Producer: Kate Norton
Production Co-Ordinator: Ieva Sabaliauskaite